Money does not grow on trees

Then how you can make money ?
Let's first understand what is required to make money

Innovative Ideas

Innovation and creativity are the keys to any successful business.

Hard Work

Hard work with the right knowledge can make a huge difference to your success.


Once a new project is started, you have to give 100% to make it successful.

Marketing knowledge

Without expertise in marketing it will be difficult for your business ideas to grow.


Money attracts money and the right investment opportunity can boost you to success.

Excellent Team

Every successful business is built by a strong team.

Practical dreamers

Dream big and plan to achieve those dreams with the right resources.

money tree

Case studies

website not generating leeds

Case 1:

I have a business idea, but don't know how to start?

In the UK lots of people have unique business ideas that they do not know how to start. Lack of marketing knowledge and the high cost of advertisement is also demotivating for them. Our digital marketing agency helps start-ups and we charge nothing upfront for marketing. You pay us when your start-up business generates income. Sounds good right?

Competitor research

As part of the start-up package, you will get all the information about your competitors’ business. Their business strengths, weaknesses and other critical information for your setup - Absolutely free!

No upfront investment

If you qualify for our start-up package, you will only pay us, when your business is generating income. We will look after all the marketing and we will also advise on the best business strategy to grow your business.

Free Consulatation

If you are not sure about your business idea, speak to us and we can give you free and honest advice. A little friendly advice can change your direction to sucess.

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Case 2:

I have a business website which is generating no revenue

You are not the only business who is struggling. Big multinationals are entering almost every industry and making it difficult for small local players to make money. However, it is possible to compete with the big players, all you need is a good, affordable marketing agency like NaGGra Digital.

Google ranking issue

For Google ranking you need a perfect website. We can provide you with a Free SEO check to see what’s wrong with your website and we can also fix those issues for a small fee.

Ancient website Design and branding

There are thousands of websites which are technically incorrect and look unappealing to potential customers. A key questions is - would you as a customer buy from such a website? Contact us today and we can re-design your old website into a 21st century website without spending a fortune.

Guarnteed SEO package

We understand small businesses are struggling to make money. Therefore, our agency offers marketing packages which are affordable and come with a guarantee. Our Search engine optimisation (SEO) packages come with a "No ranking No fees" policy. You only pay for results.

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two sumo representing competition

Case 3:

I am spending huge money on marketing and my business is still struggling

Unfortunately, you are in the same boat as many unsuccessful businesses who are spending lots of money and still not getting any results. This could be due to many issues; however not using the right marketing strategy is the biggest issue of them all.

Too much competition

This is very normal with a huge competitive online landscape. Search Google for anything such as a product or service and you will find hundreds of results. To beat your competition you need a marketing strategy which is designed just for your business.

Expensive marketing agencies

Yes, I agree most marketing agencies are very expensive and beyond the reach of small and medium sized businesses. I also agree that talented people are expensive to hire. However, we can still offer you a very affordable marketing package to meet your needs. Now you can reduce your monthly marketing costs and get better results.

Huge running cost

Running a business in the UK is a very challenging task. Even if you are not making anything, still you still have to pay your staff and cover your overheads. We have an All-in-Package, which can help you to reduce your monthly fixed cost. You will get all the expertise needed for a fraction of your monthly cost.

business growth

Case 4:

How to expand my business without spending a fortune

If your business is making good profit in one location then the next step is to expand your business to multiple cities. To replicate a profitable business in a different city looks very easy, but we know it is full of challenges. It takes time to build a reputation in a new city and compete with new competition.

How to get new customers / clients

When you expand your successful business to another city, you get new customers and you also get new local competitors. You have to do Local SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) of your website for that city as well. We can make this entire process very easy for you.

No need to hire extra staff

Our All-in-One package can cover all your digital marketing needs. You can save a lot of money and you will get a world class team of professionals for a fraction of your monthly cost. Keep in mind, money saved is money earned.

How much do you have to spend on marketing?

This is an open-ended question. You must spend money to make money on the right campaign. We make it very easy for our clients, we can guarantee the lowest price plans that will make the maximum impact. We believe if you make money then we will make money automatically.

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